A Sailor’s Christmas List

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‘Tis the season for giving and we’ve got a couple of things we’re sure the sailors in your life would love! Or you, why not?! From the naughty to the nice, our Christmas list has something for everyone. These are products we use, love and adore.

1. Cedar Plug Fishing Lures

We’re often asked what we use for fishing while cruising. You’d be surprised but this is something you DON’T need to spend a lot of money on. We learned that the hard way. The only thing you really need to catch your favorite fish is a cedar plug and a hand line. Really. Don’t skimp out on quantity though, you will lose pleeeeenty of them. On Amazon you get a 6 pack of cedar plugs for $33. When you’re reeling in your third yellowfin tuna of the day, you’ll consider this a serious bargain.

2. Luci Solar LED Light

What is not to love about Luci lights? These solar powered inflatable LED lights are practical and bright, perfect for any cruising sailboat. We leave them on flashing mode at night so we know which boat is ours when we come back after a few drinks on our dinghy. But please, if you buy one (or several), get the cool colored version. They didn’t exist when we set sail or we surely would’ve added them to our dance party arsenal. So for now, we’ve claimed white Luci lights as our color in the anchorage ;)

3. GoalZero Solar Torch with built in solar and USB output

Yes, another solar powered light on our list. But this one’s different! We use this one as a flashlight when we’re on land as well as when working in dark places inside the boat. It lives in our cockpit with the solar panel section pointing up so it’s always charged and ready to use. It’s also great to have as a back up battery for our USB devices. GoalZero makes a whole line of solar powered chargers that we use regularly on the boat. As long as there is sun, we’re charged up

4. Sunski Sunglasses

Hands down Gina’s favorite thing ever. If you’re following us on Instagram, you’ve surely seen these a million times. Polarized lenses are a must on the water but they’re usually expensive and well, not that stylish. The crew over at Sunski are avid adventures and have made a line of affordable shades that are exactly what we need. Plus, we love that they’re a responsible company that gives back!

5. Oru Kayak

For those who played it nice this year, this is our favorite water toy. Imagine: a badass, strong and sporty kayak that folds up into a 3×3 ft box that you can wear as a backpack. Yup. It’s a real thing. They’re perfect for those of us who live in small spaces. They can easily be stored in your lazarettes while sailing to reduce risk of losing them on the rails when big waves come crashing. If you really want to get the party started, you’ll put a Luci light in your kayak during a night paddle! To make the gifting even easier, Oru Kayak was nice enough to provide our readers with a 10% off discount code: COUCH10

6. Tiwal Inflatable sailboat dinghy

For the sailor in your life that just can’t seem to get enough, this is the perfect splurge gift. The TIWAL is an inflatable sailing dinghy that puts performance and usability first. With a carbon fiber mast and high performance North Sail sails, the TIWAL gives you the freedom to explore far beyond the anchorage. Not to mention, it rolls up into two duffle bags that store nicely on deck.




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