Admiral Gina

Most likely to: jump in first.

Guilty of: killing plants, hogging blankets and over-organizing the galley. (Is that even a thing to feel guilty about, really?)

Cranky if: she’s not active. Get. the. girl. out. side.

A true Californian with a nomadic heart, Gina grew up in Oakland, graduated from CAL, then took off to work in France for a few years before eventually finding herself back in San Francisco Bay. With no sailing experience, but bossy enough to be admiral, she quickly became well versed in navigating through squalls, provisioning for ocean crossings and chopping onions in 10 foot seas.

Captain Jose

Most likely to: take a nap at any given time of the day. He’s Spanish. What can you say?

Guilty of: falling asleep in movies (see above), taking the first bite and starting five different boat projects at the same time.

Cranky if: the snack drawer is empty!

Jose went to 14 schools growing up in 4 countries and 11 cities. The locations changed, but sailing remained constant. It was love at first hoist! After migrating to San Francisco like all techies do, working the startup life got old and he was itching to get back on the move. Slow. Like 5 knots slow.


If you’re interested in hopping onboard, send us a note to discuss crew opportunities.