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Life happens, things change. As we approached our planned March 2015 departure, we realized that we just weren’t ready. We needed a new route since we eliminated passing through the Suez Canal after reading about Tamarisk’s experience, the boat needed a little more TLC and well, so did we.

We decided to pump the brakes and modified our departure date to October 2015, just in time to be able to join the Baja Haha. This time around, we’re taking a different approach. We’re giving ourselves benchmarks and goals as well as time to pause, reflect and decide on what we want to do next.

Updated route/timeline:

  • October                                  Depart San Francisco, CA and join the Baja Haha
  • November                              Cabo/start cruising Sea of Cortez
  • November-March                Sea of Cortez and maybe Galapagos
  • April                                       Pacific crossing to the Marquesas
  • May                                         French Polynesia
  • June                                        Cook Islands/Tonga
  • July                                         Fiji
  • August                                    Vanuatu
  • September                             Australia
  • PAUSE!
    • Possibility 1: “That was an incredible experience, we’ve had our fun let’s get back to work!”
    • Possibility 2: “That was awesome, we can’t stop here, we have all of Southeast Asia ahead of us!”
    • Possibility 3: We’ll find out!


Old plan:

After finding the perfect boat, the next big step has been to determine the perfect route. Our financial constraints are directly correlated to our time constraints, so that’s why we’ve agreed to keep this trip within an 18-24 month limit. However, it’s not as easy as drawing a line on a map. Considerations regarding weather and piracy must be made and affect the route, so it requires careful planning. While this could change, our itinerary is currently like this:


  • March                San Francisco, CA
  • April                   Marquesas
  • May                     French Polynesia
  • June                   Cook Islands/Tonga
  • July                    Fiji
  • August               Vanuatu
  • September        Torres Straights
  • October             Indonesia
  • November        Singapore/Malaysia
  • December        Thailand/Myanmar


  • January          Sri Lanka
  • Februrary      India
  • March              Red Sea
  • April                 Suez Canal
  • May                  Eastern Mediterranean
  • June                 Eastern Mediterranean
  • July                  Central Mediterranean
  • August            Central Mediterranean
  • September    Western Mediterranean
  • October          Western Mediterranean
  • November     Canaries
  • December      Caribbean


  • January       Caribbean
  • Februrary   Caribbean
  • March          Panama Canal
  • April             Mexico
  • May              Mexico
  • June             California