In the galley: banana recipes!

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Taking off for French Polynesia, we had the idea that we would find ourselves with a constant abundance of tropical fruits. All those pictures we had seen of overwater bungalows and honeymooners hand-feeding each other dragonfruit and mangoes and strawberries…yeah, right. It’s true that in the Marquesas we got to try incredibly juicy, sweet pamplemousse (a grapefruit but way better). But after that? Pretty much nada.

So when we found ourselves with over 50 bananas on the boat, we were not going to waste a single one. Even if it meant eating dozens a day, like Eric and Susan Hiscock. I had a couple of recipes in mind but you can only consume so many banana-Nutella smoothies!

If you’ve got some banana recipes in mind, we’d love to hear them!