We’re pretty lucky to have teamed up with some awesome companies that support our adventure and encourage people to get out and live! Be sure to check them out and tell them COUCHSAILORS say hi!

Oru Kayak


Much like our first-mate, Oru Kayaks are as Californian as you can get. From ideation to fabrication, these origami kayaks are built locally for people with lots of adventure and little space (hello, city living). In less than 10 minutes you can transform a “backpack” into a bad ass kayak and take off exploring! Living on a boat, we need to be space-conscious but don’t want to sacrifice the quality of our fun. They fit perfectly in our cockpit lockers or even in our little apartment! We take them just about everywhere we go… Why? Because we can!



This might come as a surprise but when you’re cruising, you don’t actually do that much sailing. Sure you move from point A to point B, but when you arrive, you drop the anchor and start exploring your new locale. So it shouldn’t come as a shocker when we say that sometimes we just miss sailing. The awesome team at Tiwal hooked us up with a solution: a high-performance inflatable sailing dinghy that, you guessed it, folds up into a duffle bag. Designed in France, the Tiwal dinghy has a carbon mast, two sail sizes and zero need for a trailer.

UK Sailmakers

What do you do when you rip two sails in one week? Call up Sylvain at UK Sailmakers! Shortly after becoming boat parents, the San Francisco wind decided to show us who’s boss and we ripped both our genoa and mainsail. In one week. UK Sailmakers helped us replace them and even spent some serious quality time onboard to teach us how to rig them up. We really couldn’t have asked for more. Our sails are perfect, the UK Sailmakers crew are incredibly friendly and we got to have a serious pro show us how things are done.

Oh hey there cool company! If you’re interested in what we’re up to and want to spread the word on what you’re up to, we’d love to hear from you. Shoot us an email here